Rental Policies

Terms & Conditions

Release of Liability:

• This rental agreement constitutes the entire contract between Sitting Pretty Rental and the Renter and no modifications shall be valid unless authorized by Sitting Pretty Rental.

• Responsibility for all rental equipment remains with the Renter from delivery to the point of return Sitting Pretty Rental assumes no risk; and by acceptance of this agreement, the Renter expressly releases Sitting Pretty Rental of and from any and all liability for any damages, injury or loss to any person or goods which may arise from the rental. Renter agrees to hold and save Sitting Pretty Rental harmless of any and all loss or damage by reason thereof.

• By acceptance of this agreement, Renter agrees to assume all responsibility for damages to rented equipment by reason of vandalism, negligence, theft or any and all similar causes during the entire time of the rental equipment. Charges will be determined at time of incident.

• Renter will receive an electronic copy of contract and order summary prior to delivery and a hard copy of contract and order summary at time of delivery.


Security Deposit:

• A 25% security deposit is required at time of delivery; this fee will be refunded at time of pick up and after complete inspection of all rented equipment. It may be retained in the event of damage, loss, and/or theft.

• Orders over $350.00 must pay 50% of the total amount before order can be processed.


Cancelation Policy:

• Renter will be contacted 48hrs prior to delivery date to confirm order or order will be cancelled. Cancellations or changes to order must be made within 48hrs prior to scheduled delivery date.

• There are no refunds for unused rental items under any circumstances.


Delivery Policy:

• Delivery cost will be determined prior to delivery and collected at time of delivery.

• We request a 2hr-3hr timeframe for all deliveries in which Renter must be present to receive all rented items. If Renter is not present during agreed timeframe Sitting Pretty Rental will contact the Renter to determine additional charges for redelivery. All orders must be first floor deliveries.

• Renter is responsible for checking the count and condition of items upon delivery.

• DO NOT use staples, tacks, glue or candle wax on the tables and chairs. Remove all adhesives, decorations, tape, etc., from tables and chairs. Equipment must be cleaned, tables must be folded, and chairs must be neatly stacked. Equipment must be left in the same place it was delivered.


• Renter must secure equipment and protect from weather until it is picked up. Scheduled pick up times are subject to change.